Update labor qty on a Backflush operation

Is there a way to update the completed quantity on a backflushed operation? Does deleting the next ‘Quantity Only’ operation’s labor entry automatically update the quantity on the prior backflush operations upon the next backflush process run? We are trying to get the quantity completed to be in sync on all the operations.

Are you trying to skip an operation by having the current operation update the previous one? I guess I would question why you have the operation at all.

You can go into job entry and change it from backflush to quantity and then make the adjustment. You might also be able to go into job adjustment and adjust the quantity reported there.

I believe that is what happened, a user tried making an adjustment on the final Quantity Only operation which then incorrectly updated the prior backflushed operation’s quantity. By changing it to quantity, where do we make the “adjustment”, in job adjustment also?

Yes we are trying to have the current quantity operation update the previous backflushed operation that was incorrectly updated by I believe a job adjustment on the current operation. It seems like a job adjustment on the current operation also gets picked up during the backflush process to adjust all the prior backflushed operations also…correct?

Using the job adjustment screen. What are you having problems with?

We’ll give that a try to change backflushed operation to quantity, make the job adjustment on the labor qty and then change it back to backflush. Does the backflush operation process update the backflushed operation if the final quantity only operation gets updated also?

The problem is that a job adjustment on the final operation impacts the backflushed operation.

When doing a Labor Qty adjustment in Job Adjustments, in the Labor Qty field, do we put the actual amount completed or do we put a negative value if we want to reduce the current qty completed. What value should be entered in Labor Qty…actual or adjustment value +/-?