Update Sales Kit component warehouse and warehouse bin during shipments based on the sales kit parent warehouse

I am working on create BPM to update the Sales Kit component warehouse and warehouse bin during the shipment based on the sales kit parent warehouse. Tried using both data directive and method directive but not able to do so. Can anyone help?


What you are asking for is an interesting/complex problem… since PARENTS are not stockable, theoretically, they don’t have a default warehouse. Normally, you would want to pick the kit components from their primary warehouse within the shipping SITE.
What I THOUGHT you were going to ask was about SITES… there is an apparent problem that sometimes happens where you can change the shipping site on the order, and the children don’t always get modified to the same site. I have not totally tracked down the problem and it may only be in the case of an ECC generated order, or a converted quote.

Did you ever get a BPM to work?

Hello Krista,
No, not really.

Hi Is possible I can update the sales kits material lotnum after user click the mass shipment?
I has try to call and loop the sales kits dataview but have on luck on this, is anyone have experience to auto update the sales kits list?