Update XbSyst.InboundPath via Company.Update()

Happy Friday!
I’m working on a script that automates our environment post-refresh tasks via a BPM like updating company name, report style EDI locations etc. I’ve got most of them working except this darn Demand Import Location on Company Configuration:

I’ve traced and I’d need to update XbSyst.InboundPath however this field does not exist in the DB or the returned data set from Company.GetByID(). Any ideas how I could update it programmatically?

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Hmmm, I think I found it. It was not available in BL Tester but is available in the BPM Update method :slight_smile:

XbSyst.InboundPath = value;

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Thanks Chris!

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Ugh so now on pre-processing Company.Update, I try using set field for company.Name and it does not change no matter what I do. I can update it just fine in BL tester and all the other fields just fine in the bpm. Am I missing something?

Yea, I think since it’s a key field, you may be out of luck :frowning:

Woo hoo got it. I moved my refresh operations to fire off of UD02 update. I then just to GetByID > change fields and add row mod > then update() and it works beautifully now!