Updateable BAQ/dashboard error

We have a dashboard built from a single uBAQ which is based on the Project, ProjectCst, and FiscalPer tables. We use it once per month for revenue recognition purposes. It was reported that the dashboard failed to update, and when testing the BAQ itself, I get the following error:

Severity: Exception, Table: ProjectCst, Field: , RowID: 413c9579-49ca-4a44-b4c7-b112a7c76365, Text: There are no records in the table ds.Project
Query returned 1 row(s)

This error has not occurred before - the dashboard ran fine when it was used for rev rec last month - what’s going on with it?

@Matthew_Morgan I would look for bad data and a sql error in the event viewer.

Thanks, but it turned out to be just a dumb error in a BPM.