Updateable BAQ Fields not being updated PartPlant.BuyToOrder, PartPlant.GenerateSugg

Hello guys, here I’m again with a problem.

I’m trying to update the Part “Buy to Order” field and the PartPlant “Buy to Order” and " Generate PO suggestions" fields.

I’ve wrote the following BAQ and was able to update the Part.BuyToOrder field, but the remaining 2, even though i can “modify” the values, those are not being saved. PartsUpd.baq (15.1 KB)

Had a quick look and you need to add the key fields Company, Plant and PartNum from PartPlant to your query.

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thank you Mark!!! that was the issue… attached the revised BAQ should anyone else need it. PartsUpd_v2.baq (15.6 KB)