Updateable BAQ (uBAQ) does not update row

I am trying to create a dashboard that transfers material from one warehouse to another. The customer allows negative inventory (yeah, I know but when the CEO says “do it”, I politely ensure I send an email to the PM with the direction we are heading and what was warned). Later they see that leaves a mess in inventory (and “surprise!”, unaccounted for losses). I’ve created a dashboard that shows where inventory has gone negative and am able to transfer the correct quantity from one warehouse to another. However, I thought I would be able to update the dashboard results from the BPM code. I would like to either remove the record (not likely) or show the new On Hand Qty.
I have the user check a checkbox and save (for each row for now). Then I ask them to refresh to see the change.
Here is my code:

string LegalNumberMessage;
string partTranPKs;
using (var hInvTran = Ice.Assemblies.ServiceRenderer.GetService<Erp.Contracts.InvTransferSvcContract>(Db))
    foreach (ResultsUbaqRow tt in ttResults.Where(tt => !string.IsNullOrEmpty(tt.RowMod)  && tt.Calculated_Replenish && tt.PartBin_OnhandQty < 0))
        Erp.Tablesets.InvTransferTableset dsIT = hInvTran.GetTransferRecord(tt.PartBin_PartNum, "");
        var row = dsIT.InvTrans[0];
        row.FromWarehouseCode = "DUTY";
        row.ToWarehouseCode = "LOOSE";
        row.FromLotNumber = "1";
        row.ToLotNumber = "1";
        row.FromBinNum = tt.PartBinForLoose_BinNum;
        row.ToBinNum = tt.PartBin_BinNum;
        row.TransferQty = Math.Ceiling(Math.Abs(tt.PartBin_OnhandQty)/Convert.ToDecimal(tt.Part_PartsPerContainer));
        row.TransferQtyUOM = "CASE";
        row.RowMod = "A";
        hInvTran.CommitTransfer(ref dsIT, out LegalNumberMessage, out partTranPKs);
        //Sure would be awesome if this last part worked...
        tt.PartBin_OnhandQty = Db.PartBin.Where(B => B.Company == Session.CompanyID && B.PartNum == tt.PartBin_PartNum && B.WarehouseCode == tt.PartBin_WarehouseCode && B.BinNum == tt.PartBin_BinNum).Select(B => B.OnhandQty).FirstOrDefault();
        tt.Calculated_Cases = Convert.ToInt32(Math.Floor(tt.PartBin_OnhandQty / Convert.ToDecimal(tt.Part_PartsPerContainer)));
        tt.RowMod = "";
        tt.Calculated_Replenish = false;
PublishInfoMessage("Transfer complete. Please refresh the dashboard.",0,0,"","");

Is this the piece that isn’t working? Your transfer record might not be committed to the DB yet. Does it work if you set tt.PartBin_OnhandQty to a fixed value?

Thanks for the reply @Carson.
I wrapped the Transfer inside a txScope and it seems to have fixed the Calcualted_Replenish, but it did not update the PartBin_OnHandQty, etc. It’s closer…