Updateable Dashboard Missing Save Button

I have created an Updateable Dashboard. I deployed it. I opened the deployed dashboard and the SAVE tool bar button is not there. If I use the TEST Dashboard feature before deploying the Save Button is there and successfully saves the rows I’ve updated. What can I do to get the SAVE button to show in my deployed version?

Do you see the Save option if you click on the File at the menu bar? Is the UBAQ working when you test it to update?

No the Save is not in the File drop down menu either. When I test the UBAQ the Save button is there and works as I would expect.

When you added a menu item for the dashboard to deploy it, did you make sure to use Dashboard Assembly instead of Dashboard Runtime?

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Chris - You were spot on! that’s exactly what I did. I went back and made it Dashboard Assembly and My Save Button Appears! Thanks!!!