Updateable Dashboard UI issues

Any 9.05 users that are at a sp/patch level greater than .601a? We, like others, are trying to adopt updateable dashboards to manage our business. After a recent survey with all 31 of my Program Managers the concensus is that the dashboards are great EXCEPT for one issue (2 really).

The main problem is that after saving data, the curser will jump to another line item instead of staying where it is. This is a huge nuisance for someone making many changes throughout the day especially considering that the dashboard components use publish and subscribe. If your users are experiencing this then chances are you have heard about it. It's a big time waster.

My question is to those above the .601a patch level. Are you experiencing this issue? We plan on moving to .607 when it is released in the fall, however, if this issue isn't prevalant in something that is out already we may suck it up and patch now.

Also, if you are experiencing this issue then sign into your EUG account at epicorusers.org to vote on Enhancement Request 465.

Jennifer Mesiano
Walton Signage