Updated BPM, not all users got update

I updated a BPM, the users wanted me to add a email block at the end to send an email to an internal email address as a “notice”. I updated the BPM but it’s not always sending the email even, it does the old version of the email (updating a field on the SO Rel) but not the email. I thought it was a delayed thing since the update to the BPM occurred mid day, that it’d get rolled to all when they log into Epicor the next morning. However, it’s been nearly a week.

Any ideas?

Which version of ERP on you on?

10.1.600 .3 I think

I hate to be that person but… Does a cache clear help the affected users? I believe there are steps you can take to force a client’s cache clear on the next restart.

Also, are you sure all the users are actually closing Epicor at night? We have several that like to leave it open (I’m guilty of this as well). When we push changes we often send a reminder to close Epicor then kick people out of it after hours.

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ARGH, I bet that’s it. Our users are supposed to log out but note the operative word there. :wink:


Sometimes i do have to do a Directives Update - Recompile All… for it to clear some old BPMs. I havent pinpointed why and when - not often.

BPMs run on the server. It shouldn’t care about the client’s cache. Are you running multiple app servers?

Yes, we have a SSO and non-SSO app server. During a maintenance cycle both those and the database server were rebooted and it’s working. Could of been one of the app servers didn’t get the update as it should of but did once it was rebooted.