Updating BPM action code

I am currently updating a .p file that is under the actions menu under the BPMExec folder on my Epicor server. This file is called via a BPM that displays a message box as well as puts an order on hold. I have added some text to the message box to make sure I am adjusting the code in the correct area. I have saved the code, recompiled and updated the method directives however, I am not seeing my additional text. The BPM is still firing, just without my text. Since I am new to this functionality in a BPM, I was wondering if anyone out there knew if there is a step I am missing so the code I updated will be what fires within Epicor.

Every time a BPM is updated/created in the application, a new .p is generated based on how the BPM was configured within the application. If you leave your .p there with your changes, and remove the .r file with the same name in that directory, does it behave as you expect?

That really isn’t a long term solution because it will be much slower to have this BPM use an uncompiled procedure like this. You should locate the BPM itself within the application and make your informational message change there, so it can be included in the compiled Progress procedure .r.

I tried renaming the .r file but it just resulted in a 4GL stop code whenever I tried to bring in a sales order in Epicor. It seems as though I need to generate the .r file but since this code doesn’t seem to exist within the Epicor BPM, I’m not sure how I am going to get the .r file regenerated. I am not familiar with this type of a BPM at all. Been looking through documentation trying to find out how the original person created it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


You mentioned the .p code is called by another BPM. Have you tried making a small change to the calling BPM and saving it, and seeing if that picks up the changes in the called .P program?

Kevin Simon
SimsTrak Consulting, LLC