Updating Labor Rates on existing quotes

Our labor rates recently changed, and we would like to update the rates on existing (open) quotes to reflect the new rates. I tried DMT but get an error ‘Cannot manually update the Production Labor Rate in QuoteOpr.’ I can’t find any other way to do this apart from deleting the quote operations and re-creating them (this isn’t an acceptable solution).

Has anyone else run into this, and what did you do to solve it?

Also, when duplicating a quote, the rates from the source quote are copied over, not the current rates from the resource groups. Any way to avoid this other than a BPM?

When duplicating a quote, you should be able to specify that operation costs are refreshed, which should pull new rates from the resources:

There is a checkbox on QuoteOpDtl to override the rates from the resources. Can you mark this a true and then update the rates using the new resource rates?


Thanks Tyler,
When testing your suggestion I actually found that if you check ‘Override Rates’, then uncheck it, it loads the latest rates from the Resource (or Resource Group).

I can probably automate this somehow.