Updating Qty Shipped on an order

We have an issue where an incorrect qty was entered on the SO (a UOM mixup), and need to correct it. But there have already been shipments of the wrong qty for the UOM.

How to best get the qty already shipped corrected?

Here are some details

  • Item TU-0058 is pipe that comes in 10 FT lengths.
  • The part master was setup to use EA (a Count UOM)
  • The materials group wants it to be in FT, and treats 1 EA as 1 FT (they order 120 to get (12) 10’ lengths, and stock it as 120 EA)
  • An order with a line calling for 13 EA was created (should have been 130 EA)
  • 70 FT of that 130 was shipped as 7 - so QOH is overstated by 63

I’ve created a Count class UOM of EAFT (sym: FT, conv: 1EA=1EAFT), and know how to do the Part UOM Conversion.

Whats the best way to get that 63 out of inventory, while also applying it towards that SO?

My first thought was to create and process a packer for 63 (After running the conversion, and changing the QTY and UOM of that SO to 130 EAFT). Then have Accounting make a zero invoice against that packer.

Is there an easier/other way that doesn’t involve Accounting having to make an invoice?
(They get their panties in a bunch when they have to do work to fix someone else’s mistake)