Updating the Part Primary Warehouse


We switched one of our 3PL providers and set up a new warehouse in Epicor. On manual orders, our previous warehouse is still being selected. I see Epicor defines a primary warehouse as the one the part is the “most commonly found” in. My question is, if we override this will Epicor change it back based on this logic? Can I DMT the primary warehouse and it wont change back? Or will I need to devise a BPM to change the release on save to the correct warehouse?


Or is that just a description and not actual logic Epicor follows with the quantities? Haha

You control the Primary Warehouse and Bin, Epicor does not change these based on some type of logic.

Awesome, thanks!

I found this thread because I’m also seeing primary warehouse mysteriously changed in I haven’t nailed down the pattern, but it’s similar to what @jgehling suggested. Sometimes when JobProd.WarehouseCode differs from PartPlant.PrimWhse, the latter gets changed to the former.