Upgrade Documentation for 10.2.x.x

I have just completed my first upgrade of Epicor 10 going from to and like other people have mentioned here, it was a great experience.

I have also noticed that 10.2.200 is available and I am not sure about the process for upgrading a 100 release. The documentation from EpicWeb has instructions for 10.x and 10.2.200 but not the hundred level upgrade.

I assume I would use the instructions for 10.x for the upgrade.

My question is; how big of an upgrade is this as far as customization changes? We have a couple of CSG developed customizations and when we went from 10.1. to 10.2 we needed to uplift them. Will we need to do this again? Or will out experience be similar to the 17 to 22 update?

Yes they would need to be uplifted again.

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Great, thank you for your quick response.