Upgrade from 9.04 to 9.05 error (6456)

It is normal and related to information worker. Check the readme that you can download from epicweb. An excerpt below.


Epicor Patch 9.05.600B2 - Release Notes

This file contains important information regarding the Patch 9.05.600B2 installation.

Non-Critical Error Messages

It has been indentified that several non‐critical error messages display during conversion 150 ‐ Upload base

BAQ Objects. This routine loads standard deliverable BAQs into each company including Updatable BAQs first

introduced in 9.05.600.

The Updatable BAQs are failing to regenerate their BPM methods. For each company that is present for the

conversion, two error messages display for each of the following BAQs:

* zIWAppointments, zIWCRMCall, zIWCustCnt, zIWTasks,zPartPlantUpdate, zPartUpdate

The four BAQs that start with ‘zIW’ are used for Information Worker processing.

The two BAQs that start with ‘zPart’ are samples only that are not used in any delivered form.

The errors will look similar to the following:

If these errors display, you may simply press Enter for each one and the conversion will continue.

Using Information Worker Suite

If you are using (or intend to use) the Information Worker suite, you should manually regenerate the four

Updatable BAQs after all conversions are complete. To do this, navigate to System Management > Utilities and

open Updatable BAQ Maintenance. Select the four BAQs as shown in the picture below and select Actions ‐

Regenerate All.

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Anyone see this before?

Procedure Bpm/Misc.p has no entry point for GetBAQPath (6456).


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Anyone see this before?

Procedure Bpm/Misc.p has no entry point for GetBAQPath (6456).