Upgrade from ERP 10.2.700.x to Kinetic 2021.1/2022.1

Anyone has the experience on upgrading ERP 10.2.700.x to Kinetic 2021.1/2022.1?
(1) Dose it need to have a new installation on Kinetic 2021.1/2022.1?
(2) What about customization uplifts?

Thanks a lot!

That’s some wide open questions Ben, but there have been a number of posts here regarding various aspects and issues folks have seen. Speaking for myself the answers are quite simple

New Install - Every major version release is a new installation - DB upgrade, appserver upgrade, everything - including a new client install (there is a way to get the auto-updater to do it for you but that is another advanced topic discussion)

Uplifts - Depends on the code - we’ve got a lot of UI/BPM customizations with some custom code and it all worked perfectly. Updateable BPMs needed a little attention and a number of RDD’s got hosed up (a number of folks reported this) but otherwise pretty much like every other upgrade.

Thank you Mark for your information.

That’s a pretty easy jump. We are heavily customized and I’ve only had about 20 hours of clean up after upgrade to do. The install process is the same as always nothing new there even in 2022.2 which comes out next month.

Biggest hurdle we had was actually things microsoft changed from .Net4.8 to 6.0 on the server side. Once you find them they are all easy fixes.

Customizations if you stay on classic probably will be non-event. A few items out of place or overlapping controls but otherwise nothing crazy.

If you said you were coming from 10.2.200 to 2022.1/2 then I would say saddle up but 10.2.700, functionally is near the same as 2021.1