Upgrade to 700

We are upgrading to 700.14 this weekend and a question came up. Is there away to set all of the menu id to only open with classic?

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Might be able to DMT that. Never tried it though. We let everyone use Kinetic except on the handful of ones we forced to Classic. Epicor is moving to Kinetic and forms that we have no customization on we didn’t see a reason not to move to Kinetic. For the most part they work well.

We used Kinetic Application Maintenance and set each company not to use Kinetic

Does that work now? There was a bug before where that didn’t actually change anything.

Worked for us in 10.2.700.7 all users work with non Kinetic screens.


Good to know they fixed that!

I can confirm it works for me, but not at the top level only. You have to drill down anywhere the icon is amber instead of red.

It also seems to be necessary to do BEFORE copying your clients over to your terminal servers, if you use RemoteApps