Upgrade & transfer BPM, Customizations, Process Calling, Subprocess

I am trying to work out the best method for capturing all the
appropriate customizations I have made in testing Vantage on 8.03.304D
to import into the live database as I upgrade it.
So far I am testing by bringing the live database into the Training DB
and then opening both the normal 8x (customized and personalized for our
company) and training 8x (the copy of our live 6.1 data) at the same
time. This allows me to export/import customizations and BPMs, but I am
currently having to manually reenter Subprocess Maintenance, Process
Calling, BAMs, System Agent, Global Alet Process and I am sure some
others that I will find shortly.
Does anyone have an easy way to bring these other items into the 6.1
upgraded database?
I appreciate any suggestions.
Aaron Hoyt
Vantage Plastics