Upgrades - not if but when?

Good Day cooner:

Yes, we all have the same idea; but then real life pressures blow up
the plan.
Do sooner because you need the fix or enhancement.
Do later because you have no time and things are working - Not
Broke-don't fix.
Contract says you cannot get more then two behind or support is



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A lot of recent posts on upgrades and support contracts.
It's always a hotly debated topic.

Any of you have a policy about patch and upgrade regularity?
How often do you plan your patches, upgrades?
How do you plan your support?

I used to think you should upgrade software every five years.
Patch once a year unless something critical comes up sooner.
Support is perpetual but maybe negotiable rates depending on where you
are in the upgrade cycle.

Just wondering about other peoples ideas.


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