Uplifting Dashboards from E10.2.400.9 2nd Pass converted version for Uploading in LIVE version

Hello Everyone,
We are migrating from Vantage8 to Epicor10 and had some customizations uplifted via Epicor Consultants. Hoping to uplift the dashboards ourselves from 2nd pass converted Custom Version of Epicor10 (into CAB files?) to be able to use it in the LIVE version to avoid further costs.

If anyone has done something similar please list the steps and/or direct me to a document that explains the process.
Uzma S.

The easiest process is to verify the dashboards produce the same results. Any dashboard that had GL information is automatically broken and will need to be rewritten.
Anything that gets “fixed” by updating the BAQ or dashboard can easily be packaged in a CAB file as you suggest.

Thanks for your reply! I’ll definitely pay attention to the dashboards with GL Codes.
Best Regards,