Upload file to Google Drive from Customization Epicor


I need upload file to Google Drive and I’ve already configured Google Drive Storage in my Epicor Cloud. I created a customization that generates a file and I want to upload that file to Google Drive Storage, is this possible?
how can I do that?

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There is a File handler business object that can do this for you

Look at the objects methods I believe there is a file upload target

Hello @josecgomez

thank you for you answer, FileTransfer object is for folders on the server, the documentation doesn’t explain much, would this BO work for a path to Google Drive?
Thank you.

The File Server service was written first and everything afterwards is based on it. In SharePoint and ECM (DocStar), the Epicor side works the same and I would assume the same for Google Drive and Drop Box. It will create a folder with the company ID and table names underneath that.

However, the best way to know, is to try it!

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