[URGENT] I did a minor upgrade from .11 to .21 | Error!

Hello I updated Epicor from 10.2.700.11 to 10.2.700.21 and installed the update and all is well on the remote application server

but when a user tries to open Epicor from the remote app they are greeted with this error

The remote app DMT application works fine tho

Just one user? Or all?

Also, what is a “remote app”? Like a published app through Citrix or something?

I’m no expert, but I think some more details would help the experts.

everyone runs their own own session off of a remote application server of the application using remoteapp manager.

So, if you are desperate, if it works on different computer (not this remote one), you could copy the entire Epicor folder off the C drive and replace the one on this machine (rather than doing the Auto Update). There’s nothing personal there.

Others probably have a better solution, but you say it’s “urgent.”

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Yes I am trying that now! I’ll lyk.

Wouldn’t even call that desperate; I do that all the time. That’s all the installer really does anyways. It doesn’t install anything–it just creates a folder structure and unzips the files there.


I assume the icon is in the public folder, so it shows up for all who connect?
If so, you need admin rights to update that. Try running Epicor as administrator to see if it allows the update to run.

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it was desperate because it was causing more unexpected downtime. We use the remoteapp manager (Local RDP/RemoteApp Manager - Devolutions) for our associates to connect and it kept throwing that error. It was due to the config some how. I took the main Epicor installation files and moved them to a separate folder and pointed the remote app location to it and it seems to be working fine now. Thank you for the fast help. I appreciate it!

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