Use BPM to set Default Report Style

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I have some custom report style but when I port in using solution workbench the Default setting for that custom report style is not ported in as well. Right now, for each custom report style I would manually go to the Report Style Menu and manually enable the Default for the custom report style.

I notice that it uses the Ice.ReportDefaultStyle table and I wanted to do an updatable BAQ to make it easier to enable the default but the table is not available in BAQ.

Then, I notice there is a ReportDefaultStyle in the Data Directive but I’m not certain how to have it call from ReportStyle to set the default.

Anyone has any idea?

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Mei Mei

You are correct. I always had to provide additional post-deployment instructions such as:

But since we are on-prem I shifted to providing a SQL Update Statement which sets the defaults, I havent tried DMT or a UBAQ Dashboard.


Would Epicor has issues with the SQL update though? I usually sticky to BAQ updates because of how Epicor support can be if you mess on the SQL side?

It’s a very valid concern @Mei_Mei_Tan , just not for @hkeric.wci

We do SQL Updates to any tables that are low-risk… I wouldnt do an INSERT or a DELETE, or even change a PartNum. Typically I review in-depth what the column is or does… Example Ill do what I want with my _c columns… When its a column like changing the Menu Arguments, ill do SQL, DMT or UBAQ, or LINQ in a BPM.

TLDR; It depends what I am touching, 99% of things I dont touch via SQL. However this one I do because there is no way to auto-deploy this using DevOps unless you include a SQL Script, due to Epicor Solution limitations.

Also Epicor Data Fixes are just SQL Statements in an sp, they just vet what they do and they take on the risk if they mess up your database.


Okay, thanks! That’s good to know :smiley:


I am pretty sure this used to work on E9… I have to say it is annoying.

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Yes it is…unfortunately I just realised in Kinetic Cloud there is no SQL i can use so the only thing I can look at is likely BPM on Data and custom coding which is not my most knowledgeable subject… :melting_face:

For now though, I’ll still to using Excel and re-updating all the report styles one at a time as I don’t have the time to break my head trying to code this :laughing: