Use checkbox in dashboard without binding

I am looking to use an external query to pull data from a SQL database, then would like to have checkboxes that I can use in Epicor to track the progress of tasks that need done with that external data, but am unable to link that data into Epicor anywhere. I would also like to use the checkboxes to set a status of what step needs completed next (e.g. If checkbox1 and checkbox2 are complete, step 3 needs to be the status shown.). Is this something that is possible or does it need a binding to allow me to do the example above?

Should be able make it updatable and add a calculated checkbox. Then write your own code in the Advanced BPM editor to write your status back to the external?

I don’t need to write back to the external data, but just want to see it in the dashboard. Not sure if there is a way to use the checkboxes to update a status within the dashboard itself. I’m not thinking there is, but wanted to see if anyone had done anything like this before.

you could still with an updatable but unless you save that info somewhere it wont reatain on refresh

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks!