Use of the "Enter" key in Comments and Portal

We've been live on the system for 2.5 years now. Since the beginning we
have used the 'enter' key in comments to structure the comment. Crystal
has had no issue with this, the system to date has had no issue with it.

I've been recently begun playing around with Portal. I've noticed that
anywhere we've used the 'enter' key in a comment section, Portal chokes
on that data and returns an 'invalid hexadecimal character' message.
This makes both Portal & anything tied to it (Information Worker in our
case) unusable for us.

I'm hoping someone has experienced a similar issue and has some
suggestions on how to handle this. I've asked a software developer
we've worked with in the past to estimate what it would take to remove
this character from all of our comments, but that's only half the
problem. The second half is how do we structure our comments so they're
still legible if we can't use the 'enter' key.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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