Use Part Rev Checkbox

If you have the Use Part Rev Checkbox checked will it ignore the Part Rev on the SO and just use the latest Rev. It appears to be working that way but parts keep failing MRP and that is the only thing I can find right now that is different. The SO’s are set Make Direct.

Does this check box trump everything?

According to the Data Dictionary/Field help, yes it should, but probably more importantly is if the Revision that is referenced on the SO is approved and effective.

E9 Technical Field Help Description:

if Yes then the part effective revision is used. If No then the revision of the demand source is used (OrderDtl, JobMtl…)

yes they are approved and effective on SO.

When you say MRP is failing, what exactly do you mean? Do you have the MRP logs, if so can you post them as an attachment?

I did in the MRP Abandoned Process post.