User Access Tracking

Is it possible to find the userid, date and time a user logs into Epicor 10. It would be ideal if the workstation could be captured as well.

The User Session Log Report under System Setup – Security Maintenance gets you everything but the workstation.

You may need to enable “System Activity Logging” in Company Maintenance first

That report also tracks failed logins in case of a hacking incident. You need to enable account lockout policy but is very handy to note if someone is messing around trying to brute force passwords on admin accounts :wink:

Cmon Bart, you’re making it hard to get in the back door :joy:

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Where is the System Activity Logging option in Company Maintenance? it looks like I may not have it in DT.

Do I need to enable account lockout policy to make the System Activity Logging option appear? All i’m trying to get to is the User Session Log report which is missing as well.

//edit : Set up a lockout policy in Security Maintenance > Account Lockout Policy, still no choices for System Activity logging in Company maintenance. This is frustrating because I don’t have access to the System Administration application, so I appear to have no way to monitor who is logged in to my instance of DT.

Try Company Maintenance


Will Turning on this option, Have any effect on response time with the system? Since it is tracking all activities.

Bruce Lattina

It’s not tracking all activities, just the login / logout and failures. So the login and logout process has an additional db saves of what happened - e.g. brupa713 logged in successfully or failed.


On DT that area is blank. There is a box for Web Access and that’s it. I guess I will ask support to turn it on for me.

Would you mind taking a screen shot of the report style definition for the report? It is possible I have the needed data just not the check box to turn it on.

Now that I look, I wonder if there are upgrade issues on certain versions?
Just checked an E101400 system upgraded from E9 and the report fails.
These fields were listed in the system monitor report error log:
— Invalid column name ‘ActivityDate’.
— Invalid column name ‘DcdUserID’.
— Invalid column name ‘Calc_LogoutDate’

I wonder if it may be worth it for you to check with support on this one now?
Possible a known issue with report on upgrade systems?
You should also be able to query the table Ice.SysActivityLog to see if system is logging active on your system

Thanks for the offer! I used REST services to capture the activity data that I need, so I don’t need this if you were only thinking of doing it for my sake.