User Account Maintenance for Access to Resource Group

Would anyone know what authorized access group module to assign to a user that would provide that user with access to the “Resource Group” menu item under:

 Production Management >> Job Management >> Setup 

Additionally, would anyone be able to point me to any reading material that covers “access groups” for User Account Maintenance and to what specific menu items each group provides access?

I did manage to get a solid answer on this. So, for anyone with similar concerns, here’s the gist:

My approach was rather flawed from the start. Instead of looking at menu item permissions as a definitive list of menu items that are accessible for specific roles/groups, you should be looking at menu item permissions as a granular security “model” that is customizable by the Epicor developer, or administrator. This includes, defining permissions on custom menu items that you might have previously built into your ERP environment.

Granular menu item permissions can be defined within the “Menu Maintenance” module, like so:

Don’t forget to save your configuration.

Details concerning Menu Maintenance security can be found, for those of us still on 10.1.400, in your “Epicor Implementation User Guide” under Chapter 14, starting on page 632:

For 10.1.600 users, you’ll find that information in the same chapter, but on starting on page 719 instead:


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