User can access one menu item but not another. Menu items have same security

2023.1.7 (11.2.300.0 base)

We have a new user who requires access to a few things (BAQs being one of them) that the rest of her group does not have access to. So within the Department folder, I created a subfolder called NewUser. Into that NewUser folder, I copied the BAQ menu item and labeled it BAQ (UD).

Both the NewUser folder and the BAQ (UD) menu item have the same security - NewUserSec. NewUserSec allows access only to a few individuals, including NewUser and TestUser.

I was able to re-create the situation using the TestUser account. TestUser can access the folder, but gets a security error when trying to access the BAQ (UD) menu item.

TestUser CAN access BAQ from the Exec Analysis menu.

We do a lot of this - creating a folder that contains copies of menu items from other parts of Epicor – and it has worked in the past.

Any thoughts? I am not really sure where to look next.


Is there anything in the “Disallow Access”?

Not sure if, when you copied the original BAQ menu, whether it may have a Disallowed Group/User that was copied over as well?

No one is disallowed under the copied menu (using NewUserSec).

There ARE two group disallowed under the Exec Analysis version, but TestUser can access that version.

Good thought, though.

Can you post the full “details” of the error? Maybe there’s a breadcrumb in there.