User defined table Actions menu disabled

I am creating my first UDF in E10 while following along with CodaBears YouTube video. After adding one field, I am supposed to choose Actions > Sync All Tables to DB. The Actions menu is disabled. Is this a security thing?

Nope, if I recall this is not needed anymore and all you need to do is regen + IIS recycle. There is no more actions menu item for it.


In 10.0 you had three steps

  1. Add the fields
  2. Sync the db schema to the UD fields
  3. Regenerate the data model

This caused issues when the physical db schema and logical db model where different.

In 10.1 we collapsed the schema change and data model regen into one process to avoid that class of issues.
Bonus - Less steps and better UX for the user
Second Bonus - Less security needed to be granted to SQL for the sql user in web.config. It isolates higher level security needs to the admin console user.



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