User Downgrade option

What does the Downgrade option do? I clicked it and the user disappeared.
How do we get a User to not show up in a selection list?

We normally just Disable users when they quit, but they still show up in the list to assign a document in a workflow.

Even when I removed all the user’s Groups, they still show up. We don’t delete the users.

@gpayne Do you have any recollection on this button? I’ve scoured all the docs I have and can’t find anything.

My assumption is moving a user to a view user, but I don’t have any view user licenses, so I can’t verify.

I have downgraded one user and like Barb they disappeared from my user list and I had to upgrade them so I could deactivate them.

Right - same behavior here.
Sounds like a ticket for support to explain!

And for my friend Heidi in Education :slight_smile:

I could be wrong, but I think the Downgrade User button is to downgrade a user from a Named User license to a “regular” concurrent license user (users sharing the concurrent licenses upon login).

To my knowledge, ECM does not have a View Only license . . . unless that’s a special offering for companies that have ECM and Epicor ERP???

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That could certainly be it. ERP users are usually always concurrent instead of named users and that may be why we don’t know what the button does :slight_smile:

Viewers - technically they are licensed as Read-Only concurrent users…

So I bumped into the answer for this looking for something else. Under manage there is a heading View Licenses which I thought would let me see the modules I was licensed for. But it is actually your View users maintenance which had an Upgrade User button. So I made a view user and then upgraded them and the user did in fact show in the normal users screen and then I downgraded them and the user “disappeared” back to the View Licenses list.

For the assigning of a workflow I would check to see if the user was also assigned to the security class and not just the group.

Got to love it when a verb-noun pair has a completely different meaning - but still 100% correct. What is it with programmers anyway? :slight_smile:


Know idea. :person_shrugging:

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