User having trouble

One of our users is having issues with processing orders and I’m hoping someone might have a solution. When she goes to add the customer to the order, the icon at the bottom of the screen just flashes orange and she is having to enter the customer ID multiple times before it will actually load. We tried giving her a new user ID but it happens on the new one as well. We have had our IT department update her computer and we’ve even tried to uninstall and reinstall Epicor on her machine but it is just getting worse. Any ideas as to why this could be happening? She doesn’t have any customizations and no one else in the department is having issues.

Hi @chendrickson, when you say she doesn’t have any customizations, I’m assuming that means she doesn’t have any personalizations on that form either?

Have you tried renaming\deleting the C:\ProgramData\Epicor\server-xxx folder on that particular user’s PC? This folder houses a lot of temporary files that can become corrupt and could possibly need to be deleted.

If renaming\deleting that folder does not help, what if that same user logs into Epicor on a different computer? Does the same problem exist?

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The only personalization she would have on the form is just saved layouts. We have not tried renaming that file but I’ll pass that along. We’ve tried her user name on different computers and it does the same thing but we will try renaming that folder. Thank you!

Oh, if you are seeing it happen on different computers then I would have to say it has to be the personalization that is the issue. I would blow that away and have her re-create her layouts. I’ve seen some funky things happen with a bad personalization. At this point I would say that renaming/deleting that folder isn’t going to help.

Ok, we’ll try that as well. Thank you!

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My IT is working on it now, we renamed that file and it didn’t work. It’s strange, it is not working on our client installation but it’s working just fine on the server where it’s hosted.

Wanted to circle back to this issue since we’re still struggling with it, we’ve tried deleting all of the personalizations on her user name, then added them one by one until we saw the issue happen again. I think it’s being caused by a predictive search BAQ that we have loaded but I’m not 100% positive. It’s a global BAQ and isn’t causing any issues for anyone else. Any ideas on next steps?