User Rights

Is there a cheat sheet that will help locating what rights to give to users based on module? For example, I need to give the GL to someone and I added her to the Financial Management but that did not do it.

Every menu has a security id which you set security settings for separately. So giving financial management to someone does nothing if they are denied access to all menus under financial management. If you want them to have access to G/L, then they need financial management, G/L, Setup/General Operations / Reports and then any specific reports or programs they need access to. You should probably have a security group assigned rather than applying to user directly.

You only asked how, but if you are changing the security settings then it may be a good idea to understand precisely what is needed and how to do it. For example, I may want someone to be able to enter a journal entry which is in G/L but not ability to make changes to my chart of accounts which is also in G/L. If someone got access to both when they should only have access to one, it would make me highly uncomfortable.

Agree 100%. She needs Journal Entry but here is the fun. I don’t see GL anywhere. Am I just missing something? I do somewhat know my alphabet.

Oh, You are in the wrong window, those are user created.

If you want to grant access to a specific program you need to go to Menu Maintenance and in there you need to create a new security and then give access to each transaction,

Although probably you could check Financial Management, I am sure that the security group has it.


Aww!! I will look into that! Thank you Mario!

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Sure, no problem, let me know if that works!