Using Account Categories yields blank financials

I have generated a Financial Report style using the wizard (as Support has sent to me to try, and then they walked me through it as well).

When I use the Account Categories, I get the list of the categories, but I get no values. So I know the categories are working. When I specify the accounts for one of those categories I get everything matching to the penny. So I know the data is there.

We didn’t start looking to use Epicor for our financials until after this until after Kinetic upgrade. Is this a “me” issue? Or is it a bug that others are having issues with as well?

@Doug.C I just ran our Balance Sheet in 21.1.7 and it was fine, but also converted up. I would run a structured trial balance by category to be sure your categories and accounts match up. We had some with the same description, but different actual categories.

When you are looking the the report structure you always want Header, Account Details, Totals for every section.

Turns out the guy designing the reports started them out in 10.2.700…

So we upgraded up as well.

I’ve got a support call scheduled in the morning. Maybe it’s a .8 issue.

EDIT: @gpayne, I guess I broke something…

In one of our companies, everything works. Even creating a new report. In all of the others it does not work. I’m having to upload the database so the development team can figure it out.

I don’t know if it helps, but ours looks like this. My old boss created it and I have modified it. But I have never made one from scratch. I remember the totaling can be tricky (and counterintuitive).

We don’t specify accounts - I don’t think. (It’s the “Select Accounts” box, right?)

Yeah, I can select accounts and when I do the totals work. It’s when I try to do it by category that it returns a blank stare.

I ran a trace on the SQL server and all of the accounts are getting read and the amounts being returned are correct. That information just isn’t getting into the report.

EDIT: I just ran the report format as “Combined” and it returned data from where our global COA is defined. It looks like it’s only l looking for those accounts and not the ones that are for our other companies.

Having no real experience with Balance Sheet report writing in ERP systems, I didn’t know to change the following:


Once I did this, everything worked as expected. I let support know and they are going to make a knowledge base article about it. I’m not sure how this will effect wanting to do reports for all of the companies, but we still have to get the consolidation process done before we worry about that.


Nice! Would never have known that either. I will have to remember this - or at least remember enough to look it up one day. I know I will have forgotten by then!