Using BOO Template causing DrawNum to be wiped out?

We have created a BOO template attached to part $BOO so we can always start with the same BOO for a job, then include or exclude the ones we want as we build the job.

I have code set up in the Job Entry from to go look at the part for the job, get its revision, then from the revision get the drawing and its most recent rev (which we have stored in a UD table). When we start creating the job, we pick the part and the code fills in the partrev, drawnum, and our custom drawrev fields. However, after we go add the BOO from our $BOO template using the Get Details method it wipes out the drawnum field. I have a feeling it is because the $BOO part doesn’t have a rev or drawing associated so it wipes it out. I have put in some messages in the code and have done a trace on the process of adding the ops, but so far I have not been able to determine what is causing the drawnum to be overwritten.

Does anyone know where that is coming from? I also am not sure what methods/events within the form are triggered when the ops are added so I can get it to stop clearing the drawnum or even repopulate it.

The other thing that is strange is this doesn’t happen every time.