Using Ice.Mail.SmtpMailer with WCF

I know this is unconventional and I doubt Epicor allows that but just in case I try my chance. The server has already a configured Smpt. If it’s possible I’d like to use it from outside Epicor through WCF.
So I was wondering if there was any BO allowing doing that. If not I’ll just configure another smpt.

Thank you!

You could try adding the reference to Ice.Mail.SmtpMailer, but you will likely also need to add its dependencies, and recompile for every new version of Epicor, which isn’t ideal. Instead you can use the Ice.Contracts.BO.Company BO (through REST or SOAP services) to extract the SMTP parameters and use the standard SmtpClient to send your emails.


I like the 2nd option, Ill give it a try. thank you :slight_smile:

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