Using Passed Parameters as Filter values in dashboard grid

Hi everyone,
could you please and kindly have a look at this code line and tell me what i am doing wrong in it, i have succeeded -using your greate code examples in passing parameters topics- and constructed a custom code to pass PartNum and RevisionNum from PartRev table/view on Part BO at click button event, to use it in a dashboard i created reading from UD table, and to make sure that i am passing the relevant information i have shown message them at the dashboard Load event and it is right, my issue is in this line i guess - when using the passed parameters to filter the dashboard grid, the results is ignoring the second passed parameter completely

i appreciate any help or advice, and thanks in advance

i found the solution thanks anyway guys

edvV_PDS_UD01_1View.dataView.RowFilter = "UD01_Key1= '" + passedpartNum + "' and UD01_Key2= '" + passedrevNum + "'";

Could you try to create a string with your filter code then assign that string to the RowFilter and messagebox that to make sure …
but at first sight maybe add a backslash before the ’
like this:

string filterstring = "UD01_Key1= \'" + passedpartNum + "\' and UD01_Key2= \'" + passedrevNum + "\'";
edvV_PDS_UD01_1View.dataView.RowFilter = filterstring;

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many thanks for your reply mate, i have sort it