Using UD data from one company across all companies in a configurator

The configurator that my company currently uses was designed by an individual who no longer works for the company. This was developed in E10, but I am working to redesign it for use in Kinetic.

His logic uses LINQ statements to pull all data back from our main company’s (200) UD Table for dynamic lists, UD methods, etc. None of his LINQ statements use a filter on company because the data for configurators is ONLY stored in the main company. Somehow, when in company 210, he is able to use these same LINQ statements without defining the company to pull back the main company’s UD data. Essentially, the UD data is only set up in company 200 and is shared across all configurators .

I’d like to replicate this. I created a new version of the config in company 210, believing that my LINQ statements would work as intended (i.e. pull back any data from the UD table being referenced regardless of company). This is not the case. If I run the following line of LINQ in company 200’s config (from UD in Db.UD34 where UD.Belt_c == Inputs.chrBelt.Value select UD.Family_c), it pulls back the related family. In company 210, nothing is pulled back.

How can I use LINQ statements to pull back any and all data from a UD table?

I may not understand fully. Each company has their own set of UD tables. So UD34 in Company 200 appears to be populated but UD34 in Company 210 may not be populated. When working with tables within the Configurator you can filter on company by using Context.CompanyID to avoid hard coding the company id. If you post your full LINQ code that might help.

Thanks for the response! I tried to delete this question because it was something that I overlooked on my side of things. The UD34 data is available across all companies if I do not filter on company. The issue is that one of the fields I was filtering on was a part number, which is different in each company.

If the dataset is small not using company to filter on may be ok. The most efficient searches will always include company. If you only want to use one company’s UD table you should hardcode the company.