Using "values and displays" instead of tilde(~) separated lists for a combo box using a dynamic list

I am not sure if “dynamic lists” are available in App studio or is limited to the product configurator designer but I need to be able to set up a dynamic list using values and displays. Similar to this older post. Currently if I need a static list I set those up under “List Items”. There are text boxes for values and displays. This works well. If I want to use a dynamic list ,and retrieve data from a lookup table or use a UD Method, it returns a tilde(~) separated list. With this as my only option my list can only be somewhat non descriptive. Whereas I would like to use an array of values like this [{"display":"An easy to understand description", "value":"SOME_VALUE"}]. I looked in the “MetaUI” folder on the server for clues. Below is a random example. Not sure if the “$ref” involves inheritance with the combo listed. There appears to be a textField and a valueField available. Is there a way to do this either supported or a work around?

        "id": "cboOprInspPlanRev",
        "parentId": "div-col-a329a",
        "sourceTypeId": "erp-combo-box",
        "model": {
          "id": "cboOprInspPlanRev",
          "guid": "ebb1598f-b813-4966-944a-5cd449caf366",
          "labelText": "Revision",
          "hidden": false,
          "isKeyField": false,
          "epBinding": "JobOperInsp.InspPlanRevNum",
          "disabled": false,
          "readonly": false,
          "retrieveOnActivate": false,
          "appDesignerComboType": "../../shared/combo/InspPlanRevSearch.InspPlanRevCombo/default/combo.jsonc#/combo",
          "appDesignerComboOverride": true,
          "filtersParams": [
          "$ref": "../../shared/combo/InspPlanRevSearch.InspPlanRevCombo/default/combo.jsonc#/combo"


  "$schema": "",
  "contentVersion": "1.0",
  "imports": [],
  "combo": {
    "comboId": "InspPlanRevSearch.InspPlanRevCombo",
    "svc": "Erp.BO.InspPlanRevSearchsvc",
    "svcPath": "",
    "textField": "InspPlanRevNum",
    "valueField": "InspPlanRevNum",
    "sort": "InspPlanRevNum",
    "retrieveColumns": [
    "tableName": "InspPlanRevList",
    "filters": [
      "InspPlanNum = '?{InspPlanNumColumn,''}'"
    "required": false,
    "isEpiReadOnly": false,
    "appendList": false,
    "isDelimited": true,
    "parameterName": "InspPlanRevList"
  "patch": []