Using WBS Phase Job

I created a WBS Phase job to capture time on the floor in preparation for a new program. When they try to clock in to the job to capture their hours they get the error “This Job is a job type of Project. Entry not allowed for non-project related transactions.” I am not sure how they are supposed to clock time for this job.

Melissa -

If PRODUCTION work is to be done, the job MUST BE a PRODUCTION job with related activities, then link the job to the PRoject WBS phase.
ie: You are manufacturing ‘something’… issue material, record labor activity against an operation, you have a MOM (BOM + BOO)
Activity to the MFG-JOB would

WBS phase jobs are intended to capture work/cost of non-prod-floor STUFF
ie: you are NOT manufacturing, just collecting COST (and perhaps budgeting the WBS phase !)
You want to budget 30 hrs of eng-design to a project/WBS phase @ $50 lo
Create a WBS phase, align a WBS / PROJECT job to that phase, and ENGINEERING will input labor via “TIME and EXPENSE entry”.

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Is this the case in ERP 10 as well?