V4 Closing Month - Labor Details for CURRENT month lock ing, not th

We have been on version 4 since last July. Since then, when we run the
Close the month, our labor records for that month have become locked. I
understand this, and our controller was actually very happy with that

HOWEVER, this month and last month, we just noticed, did not lock the labor
records for the month we were closing, it instead locked any labor records
for the next month if any were put in. for example. Our February month
(our period 8) closed on 2/24/01. The month was not closed until 2/27/01.
All labor transactions for Feb are still open, however all labor
transactions for 2/26/01 and 2/27/01 that were in prior to running the
capture are now locked!

We have called Vantage support, and they have recreated this problem but do
not know what is causing it and have not yet given us a fix. Like I said,
it worked correctly through our December close. It is not a huge problem,
but it is inconvenient that some of this month's labor is locked while we
can still make changes to last month!

Has anybody else seen this???