(V5.2) Data Collection - Time Clock


It appears our time clock HD is terminal. And save early and often did not
save me this time. (Though I did, save early.) I have to contact ADP
tomorrow morning at the latest to enter payroll so the direct deposits go
through on Friday.

What I am wondering is:
Does anyone have a product called E:T:C with install disks for a DOS
version? I have the upgrade disks that looks for the original install.
Model 200. But will not install otherwise.


A report, Crystal preferred, that calculates hours per week and OT at over
40 hrs on a bi-weekly period. So I can chuck the damn time clock, have a
great reason to start using "data collection", AND not have another company
hold me over a new upgrade and service contract barrel.

My sincerest thanks and Merry Christmas,

David Gartner
EPG Companies Inc.
Vantage 5.20.325)

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