V5 cost set entry (std cost replace) bug

FYI... This has been added to my bug list that I will
post periodically.

2-27-01 - 670965 OPEN - SCR 1716

Cost set entry: Rollup function takes 5+ hours to complete.

Page ID 4901MPS

ABOM - cost set entry taking over a hour to run
Test Results: It took over an hour in customers databases. Another
customer reported 3 hours and 45 minutes . Their -L parameters have
set to 25024.

ABOM > General Operations > Select Group >Cost set entry - Get Parts >
Operations > Get work centers > Roll Up > this procedure runs and runs.
have tested it in Thiels Database (emfg3 2530/tcp) and Vermont
Composites (
emfg6 2590/tcp) I do not know how long they took to run. I left after

SCR 1716, planned for Vantage 5.00

When Cairo cost-rollup improvements (SCR 709) created the cost-part
(CostPart) table, it gave it an index for the company, group, type code
(purchased or manufactured), and part number. But bm/rollcostset.w
looks up
the cost-part for just the company, group, and part number. Adding the
part's type code to the search should speed up performance.

Developer's note: More than one search needs to be fixed.