V6.1 BAQ - Operations Behind Schedule and Stalled Operations

Does anyone have any v6.1 BAQs that find/list operations on jobs where:

1) The "Start Date" for any of the job-operations has passed and the
setup for the op has not yet begun
2) The "Start Date" has passed, the setup for the op has begun but is
not complete, and X days have passed since latest labor-entry on the
3) Regardless of "Start Date," any ops where the op has begun (setup or
production) and X days have passed since the latest labor-entry date on
the op

I'll end up filtering the ops down to our actual "machining" operations
(not inspection or cleaning ops), and likely call these queries
something like "Late," "Stalled Setup," and "Stalled WIP" respectively,
and add them to a dashboard.

Thanks in advance.

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