V6.1 - Scheduling Riddle

Riddle me this. . . .

We are looking at ways to improve our use of the scheduling features
in Vantage. Our work centers are set up and we had planned to treat
our workers as "Machines" (some are glad that we are finally
admitting it). How would you handle the following scenario:

1) Joe and Jane can both work in Welding and Assembly at any time
during the shift.
2) Welding and Assembly can each accomodate Joe and Jane at the
same time.
3) Joe and Jane locations are completely independent of each other.
4) Neither Joe nor Jane can work in both Welding and Assembly at
the same time.

Is there anyway in the system to monitor Joe's and Jane's overall
workload? Currently, I can restrict the scheduling so that Joe
can't be overbooked in Welding, but the system doesn't realize that
Welding-Joe and Assembly-Joe are the same "machine".

Michael Randolph
Purchasing Manager
American Magnetics, Inc.