V8 Global Alerts/BAM's

To all of you pioneers out there.
I've encounter the following:
In V6.x, when you assign labels to the User Defined CheckBoxes, they
showed up on the User Input panel...such as the job entry panel.
I tried this in V8, and they do not magically appear. I assume you must
enter the panel as a developer and engage in some customization to
add these fields to the job input panel. OK.
If I want to add an event trigger to one of the check-offs....such as
e-mailing a person(s) that this box has been checked, does that code go
the script editor?
Also, previously the statement {ud/kGlbAlert.i &TableName = "JobHead"}
was necessary for event triggers to fire.
If I try to add this clause to the script editor it errors out. Vantage
help (8.806a) is silent on this subject and so far support has not been
any help.
Does anyone have a global alert, or BAM event trigger that works that
they would be willing to share so I can begin to figure this out?

thanks a bunch!

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