(v8) Job Material - Customised Shipped Flag


Basically, the way we use Jobs is that they are never shipped to the
customer. They are received into various sites. In some circumstances
the job in its entirety is not always shipped in one go. So for
example, there is a job with 10 items/parts. These are all
issued/picked but six may phyiscally go to the site before the
remaining four. I would like to be able to flag the items/parts as

We are currently on v6.1. I know this is possible to do through job
entry and vb forms but I don't particularly want to go down this
route if necessary and the warehouse foreman would be updating the

Ideally, I would like a form where he could just update the flag and
that is it. Is there a way around this? In v8 would it be possible to
alter the issue to job screen to include a flag, even though the
quantity may have already been booked. Issuing is done when the item
is picked and not usually when they are shipped.
Thanks in advance