Vacation and sick time accrual and usage question

So I am working on some solutions to help HR calculate vacation according to the company handbook. Also to muddy up the waters, they want to award special incentive vacation hours that accrue. We are going to use the sick time bucket for that.

My question is, the payroll system automatically accrues and issues vacation time based on the pay type that you select when you add hours. I’m assuming that the sick time does that as well, is there something in the system that links the pay type to those fields? Or is that something that is just hard coded somewhere? I’m looking in the pay type maintenance and don’t see anything about what bucket time should be pulled from (or pulled at all)

Not even sure if this helps you at all. I know the Payroll Employee Entry somewhere on the Detail Tab has settings for:

  • PREmpMas.VacAccrualRate
  • PREmpMas.SickAccrualRate

I think your Pay Type IDs should be “VAC” and “SICK”. That then is all hard-coded in the Payroll Check Posting Engine.

that’s what I wanted to know. Usually in Epicor there is some sort of setting, or child table, or field that is set to tie two fields together when they affect something and you can make your own (you can make your own pay types). It seems odd that this one is hard coded. But it answers my question.