Vantage 4.0 Global Alerts

We are having tremendous problems with our global alerts (granted, we have
just activated them and are trying them out). We are on 4.00.701. We have
had alerts sent to the wrong person from a wrong person. We have had quote
alerts sent that included closed quotes! This particular alert sent over
1,000 alerts to one person! I'm going to call tech support on this one.
I'm hoping there is an easy fix.

Wendy Pursche
Network Administrator
Schmald Tool & Die, Inc.
(810) 743-1600 ext.323

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From: Denise Greenwell <rdgreenwell@...>
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Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2000 10:22 AM
Subject: [Vantage] Vantage 4.0 Global Alerts

>Is anyone experiencing global alerts sending incorrect information? I am
>getting alerts telling me that a part has 0 on hand and below the reorder
>point. When I go to that part in part tracker, I am showing that we have
>50,000 on hand, 2,777 allocated and 47,223 available. Where are the alerts
>pulling their information from and is anyone else having this problem. Any
>responses would be greatly appreciated.
>Denise Greenwell
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