Vantage 4 EDI

We have been using EDI 850 document for importing into Vantage. We
had to have have cu$tom programming fix all the bugs in ver 3, but when
we moved to ver 4, we couldn't use standard EDI because they didn't fix
one of the bugs (if the part is stocked item, uncheck 'make' and default
warehouse). Epicor later fixed this bug in one of the patches (I think
the 901 patch).

Well, now that we are about to go to Vantage 5, we didn't want to pay
cu$tom programming again, so I removed the ver 4 custom programs, and
did some test imports... and they seemed to work fine!

Now, 3 days later & Epicor is closed for President's Day, I find out
that all our open orders' comment fields are blank! We use the comments
field to track 'their order number'. The orders which were just imported
had the comments , but any other open orders in the system did not any

Has anyone else had this problem??? I am not totally sure that EDI
could have caused it, but nothing else has changed!

Britt Moelling
M&M Manufacturing Co.